The Best-Selling Products Of Indonesian Fruit Export Companies

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For exports, the Indonesian fresh fruits and vegetables industry continued to increase significantly in 2019 in terms of the domestic market and local production of fruit export companies. Not to mention the demand for fruits and vegetables which increased during the Covid-19 pandemic, causing horticultural commodities to increase by up to 7.85%.

This growth was also driven by an increase in fruit and vegetable consumption in the country. The decline in consumer purchasing power for imported fruit and vegetables also decreased because they were considered uncompetitive, while local fruit and vegetables became a more attractive choice. So, what are the best-selling products that are the mainstay of Indonesian exporters?

Best Selling Product of Fruit Export Company

Did you know that the fruit and vegetable sector in Indonesia is selling well in foreign markets? This is shown by the export data that the fruit commodity grew by 29.8%, as well as vegetables which increased by 32%.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the top five best-selling products for fruit export companies are pineapple, mangosteen, banana, and snake fruit. Apart from that, what are the other mainstay products?

1. Mangosteen

One of the famous exotic fruits from Indonesia is the mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana). The taste is slightly sour, sweet, and refreshing. Known for its exoticism, this fruit can only grow well in tropical climates with high humidity and warm temperatures. The landscape of the world mangosteen market is currently known to continue to increase.

It was recorded that Indonesia’s mangosteen export volume skyrocketed by 524%, from 9,189 metric tons in 2017 to 48,171 metric tons in 2020. Several main countries importing mangosteen from Indonesia include China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Australia, and Saudi Arabia.

2. Snake Fruit

This is one of the native fruits of Indonesia. Salak has a unique appearance, it has scaly skin like a snake. When you bite it, the texture is crunchy like apples with a slightly sour and sweet taste. It is this uniqueness that makes salak very attractive to domestic and international consumers.

That is why exports of salak fruit from Indonesia continue to experience significant growth. It was recorded that in 2019, Indonesia managed to export up to 1,698 tonnes which is equivalent to IDR 2.6 billion to several destination countries such as Thailand, China, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Malaysia, and much more.

3. Durian

This rare fruit comes from Southeast Asia, especially the islands of Borneo and Sumatra. Not surprisingly, Indonesia is one of the leading durian producers in the world. In 2021, Indonesia’s fresh durian export volume will reach 36 metric tons to Malaysia.

This unique, spiky fruit has a delicate taste and texture, making it popular throughout Southeast Asia. Even the people of Indonesia call it the King of Fruits.

Even though it smells pungent, durian has a long list of benefits for the health of the body. Among them are the benefits of boosting the immune system, strengthening bones, preventing premature aging, and preventing cancer.

4. Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit, which is also known as strawberry pearl, is also the best-selling product of Indonesian fruit export companies because consumers around the world appreciate it. Despite its intimidating appearance with red and flaky skin, this exotic fruit has a sweet and crunchy taste.

The majority of this beautiful tropical fruit is sold in local markets and the rest is exported abroad. Several varieties of fresh dragon fruit from Indonesia have been announced as having passed the established phytosanitary requirements and are now successfully entering the Chinese market.

5. Pineapple

Besides mangosteen, pineapple is also a very popular fruit in tropical countries, especially Indonesia. According to Indexbox, Indonesia’s pineapple exports have increased quite significantly. The fastest visible growth rate was in 2015, when exports increased by 1,208% compared to 2014.

6. Avocado

Another best-selling product from a fruit export company is the avocado. The high demand for avocados by trading partner countries requires Indonesia to prepare scientifically valid and international standard Avocado OPT Pest List data.

This demand continues to increase, considering that Japan, which is known as a country with quite complicated export requirements, is also interested in importing avocados from Indonesia.

Let’s end your curiosity about the best-selling fruit for Indonesia‚Äôs exporters. Want to get the above fruits for personal consumption or export needs? Fruit export company is ready to deliver exotic fruit anywhere in the world.

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